LeapPad not recognising Adobe Flash Player

racheee, Dec 14, 12:30am
Hi, can someone please help!I bought a LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer for my son for Xmas and when the LeapFrog Connect comes up on the computer it says I need to download or update Adobe Flash Player.I must have installed it a dozen times and it keeps saying it.What can I do!

vtecintegra, Dec 14, 12:37am

racheee, Dec 14, 12:45am
You are an absolute star!Thanks!Will try that, and hopefully come back with a positive result!

racheee, Dec 14, 12:58am
It worked!Thanks again!

guest, Dec 26, 1:01am
You're an absolute life saver, Christmas has been recovered thanks to your advice! Many many thanks indeed from a grateful dad in the UK.

anja84, Dec 27, 10:47am
i am having the same issue. i must of had flash player installed as i were able to veiw you tube videos. since connecting the leappad i can no longer view youtube as it says i need to download flash player, which wont let me do as i have a 64 bit vista. how did it work before? . i'm so mad i can not use my own computer, you need to connect the leappad to the computer to gain treats for the pets (daily) i have managed to get the free apps using another computer but i cant keep doing that.

guest, Jan 2, 5:58am
I am having so many problems with this too. I havent even managed to get the free downloads and we have run out of pet treats and shampoo. I have tried uninstalling leapPad connect adn flash player and reinstalling so many times, now the instructions dont even show up in the LeapPad connect page (I just get the message that the page needs flash player to display and to follow the instrutions).
I tried the help page abovbe and installing for other browers and it didnt work- any one else have more tips??


guest, Dec 23, 5:30am
You're a genius, worked perfectly. Thanks

guest, Aug 13, 1:57am
I have that problem. I first followed the troubleshoot tips, restarted my computer opened LC and it said I needed to update. I closed LC, uninstalled Flashplayer v14, restarted the computer, re-installed Flash, opened LC, got the same message. I have also tried going into properties and manualing changing the optimization settings. I have repeated the steps above with Windows 7 Flash (both for IE/Other computers), and Windows 8 which is the operating system I actually have. I have no clue why this won't work, and I have been at it for hours. I have also installed any and all Windows 8 updates. alkjsdflasf!!#$%#$!!

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