Viber. Can the font size on text be enlarged!

peaka, Dec 14, 8:20pm
Appreciate any ideas. Cheers

lancer96, Dec 15, 12:15am
Tap Settings, General, and Accessibility; then, select Large Text to change the size

pestri, Dec 19, 6:35am
Also hold" shift"& then use the +key for bigger, the - key for smaller

thehawks, Dec 19, 10:26am
There is a shift key on iPhone!

guest, May 14, 5:34am
#2 works only on standard messages not on Viber

#4 where is the shift key

guest, Nov 26, 8:19am
This was not helpful

guest, Aug 4, 9:21pm
It is possible on Android using the app Big Font ( It changes the size of system font and Viber is affected in that case.

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