Wireless printer

shedz2, Dec 15, 2:43am
Need to get a new (wireless) printer that will print/copy/scan. Have always had Brother, as I thought separate colour cartridges saves money. Is this the case! Should I stick with Brother or are there others that work out just as economical!
Your thoughts much appreciated. Thanks

vtecintegra, Dec 15, 2:47am
Most brands use separate colour carts these days. Doesn't necessarily work out cheap though, my HP has five cartridges to replace and each one is about $20

hapukanz, Dec 15, 2:51am
Been using brother for past 5 years or so no issues at all

We havewireless on our home network and it works just fine. Easy to set up

If you are happy with Brother and have been using them before then why not stick with it!

ammoola, Dec 15, 4:34am
My next printer would be the Brother MFCJ265W, why!, wireless, print, scan and fax and most importantly, one of the cheapest Brothers that uses iPrint & Scan facility to print from any Apple iOS or Android device :)

crzyhrse, Dec 15, 5:40am
I have an MFC6490CW (A3) - it's excellent.

zak1998, Dec 15, 7:33am
HP printer

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