Acer Aspire AS5750 or ipad 2!

steve56467, Dec 15, 8:43am
Just for home, internet mainly. The acer will do everything I want, just want to make sure im not missing out on something else - seems to be a big hype over ipad2 and im not sure why.(seems they are just a label item)
Also it will have to last a long time. Feel free to suggest something else - $700 is the budget. Also what minimum anti virus should I be looking at! TIA

These are down to $700: Or:

drcspy, Dec 15, 9:14am
the ipad has more limitations than a notebook
but that notebook IS an Acer.(bad idea)

steve56467, Dec 15, 9:21am
Ok, poor build in a acer! What should I be looking at!

aaron551, Dec 15, 7:04pm
minimum AV should be something along the lines of Microsoft security essentials or Avast free

rusty491, Dec 16, 7:15am
When you buy a $700 Laptop, Always remember its only worth $700. When you buy a Acer 8951g its always worth $2500.00. What im saying you only pay for what you get in laptops. Understand. You buy toys,you get toys.

drcspy, Dec 16, 8:34am
yeh but it'd STILL be an Acer


drcspy, Dec 16, 8:36am
and I disagree on this note:

I have a toshiba which I paid $919 for .a few months later they reduced it to $779 as a selloff special.(not far off your $700).i'ts actually an excellent laptop with (originally) a 640GB hdd, and 4GB ram and an intel i5.

bottom line !
shop around
buy Asus or Toshiba in general as they're pretty good build quality *usually*

steve56467, Dec 16, 8:56am

I call it a shop floor guarantee.guarantee it drops to half it's "value" as soon as you walk off the shop floor with it, this goes for everything you have ever bought. I do see your logic and get what you're saying though. Its not for my work or anything, don't do gaming, not spending $2500. Electronics are the fastest deprciating thing you can buy. But mytired old IBM freezing up something chronic, getting unuseable (at times).

steve56467, Dec 16, 8:58am
In case that came across the wrong way, what im meaning is, if you HAD to buy a cheap laptop. What would it be!

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