Question re: web hosting

I bought a domain name from and web host from I have to link these up some how or transfer the domain to host gator.i cant figure it out.

geek_thepuppydad, Dec 15, 11:55 pm

i've done it before, i just cant work it out this time.When i log into web address doesnt show as 'registered'how do i register it! i have paid for it. . . . .

geek_thepuppydad, Dec 15, 11:58 pm

put the nameserver details from hostgator into discountdomains.

geek_groverg, Dec 16, 12:08 am

Thanks, i thought i should do this.Got in touch with discountdomains and they had set it up wrong, so hopefully these should fix the prob

geek_thepuppydad, Dec 16, 12:30 am