Unlock 3GS! Is it possible.

pooseys, Dec 16, 8:58am
I got a new iPhone 3GS, and could not find anything to jailbreak it and unlock it, I saw Puppyra1n but really don't wanna pay $20


Thanks - Anakin

carkitter, Dec 16, 11:39am
If you bought it new in NZ from Vodafone, XT, a retailer associated with either or from Apple (online) or an Apple reseller, the it is already unlocked.
There's no point in jailbreaking it if it's unlocked. Since iOS 3.0 came along, the 3GS has plenty of features.

guest, Jul 9, 9:50am
zomg ^^^ hax

guest, Aug 31, 5:51am
simpleunlocking.com is best for me

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