Advice needed - in for repair - not returned

scoobydoo2, Dec 17, 2:02am
We sent an electronic device off for repair to a company listed on the internet - not sure what to do as we have not received it back and despite many phonecalls and emails they did not send it back and now say it is "lost". VERY slack service and now not answering my emails- who can ask/go to to get some advice from here!

drcspy, Dec 17, 2:26am
disputes tribunal

hakatere1, Dec 17, 4:27am
Name them. It wouldn't jeopardise your chances of ever getting it back, because it already looks like kiss it goodbye. If it's too sensitive, no need to name the device though.

owene, Dec 17, 4:48am
Yep name them and you may well obtain additional background information on here (which is I assume the reason that you posted to start). What was the device and what was wrong with it! Where had you bought it and was there any warranty left on it!

asmawa1, Dec 17, 5:54am
Been there, done that twice now.Yes it's a hassle to get through the hoops but the result is worthwhile.

scoobydoo2, Dec 17, 7:07am
ok then - it was our ipod - probably2 - 3 years old and we sent it to the idoctor back in October - after many emails asking where it was we finally got a response saying " This item was sent some time ago. We do not have it here. Last month I send a note out to all technicians to see whether or not anyone else has been assigned to work on it (very unlikely).I expect is has been lost in transit. I would advise you to make a claim for it."Now WE don't have any information on when it was sent back so how can we make a claim - what do you all think!

scoobydoo2, Dec 17, 7:08am
Response was finally sent December 4th - 2 months after he received it .

crzyhrse, Dec 17, 7:35am

crzyhrse, Dec 17, 7:48am
He's saying they never received it.

scoobydoo2, Dec 17, 9:54am
No he emailed that it was sent (back to us) sometime ago via NZ Post and he would give me the information if I needed it. So I asked for it but no information has been forthcoming - so I'm wondering if it was even sent.

crzyhrse, Dec 17, 10:09am
You need to post a fully chronology of events.

scoobydoo2, Dec 17, 10:28am
Item send in post on 7th October.We emailed on 10 November asking where it was.He replied on 14th November saying he would be returning it that day telling us what was needed to repair it.Then we emailed on the 10th, 21st and 30ieth of November asking where it was.Finally we got an email on the 5th of December saying that he had sent it via NZ Post- he believed it might have been lost in transit and that we needed to make a claim and he would supply the information needed.I have asked for this information/docket and emailed again on the 15th to ask for it but still nothing.

newbie5, Dec 17, 11:08am
anything that expensive would not be sent by NZ Post ,anyway companies usually use a courier so I would be asking him for the postage details.
Try ringing him and if you dont get a satisfactory answer then tell him you have forwarded his details to the police.
That might get a response

drcspy, Dec 17, 6:08pm
actually it's the SENDER who needs to make the claim with nz post not you.

tell him he's got two choices .either refund you the cost of the item to replace NOW, or you'll take him to court (disputes tribunal) .and GO THRU WITH IT.

lythande1, Dec 17, 7:49pm
he needs to make the claim.
BTW if sent standard NZ POst claims are up to $260. If by Courierpost up to $1500. I'd take him to Disputes.

hakatere1, Dec 17, 8:59pm
Yes, definitely disputes tribunal. He may think you're bluffing until he actually gets a court date notification in the mail, in which case he may pay up and you'd just phone the court and tell them. I've used them too and it's a great system and the adjudicators (judges) are switched on and can pick a bullshitter a mile away. It cost $30 to lodge last time I used it. If you do use them, be well prepared with documentation etc.

tonyrockyhorror, Dec 17, 10:29pm
This is one of those stories where the information is slowly drip fed, right!

I can't be bothered with them.

princelee, Dec 17, 11:37pm
i note on there website they state they use courier post, so if they used them then they should of been able to provide you with a tracking number. If there saying they used nz post then i would be highly suspicious and very curious of there business practices.

christo37, Dec 18, 6:16am
You cant make a claim. You have ZERO contract with NZ post. Call the Police. Then Disputes tribunal. If its drivable - GO THERE. If you want better contact info, go to and enter their website. to get full legal contact info.

scoobydoo2, Dec 19, 12:52am
Thanks for all your help and patience - I am new to this and not sure how much info to put in the public arena.

hakatere1, Dec 19, 2:03am
Treat him with the same contempt with which he treats you.

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