My PC starts up then shuts down restarts and shut

stefan123, Jun 15, 6:12am
My PC starts up then shuts down restarts and shut s down, etc. Then it started okay. Can someone tell me what problem might be and if i need to do something.

litldevil, Jun 15, 6:15am
Does it get to the same place before it shuts down, or different. i had a clients pc who got to differing stages of shutdown and can only put it down to a faulty motherboard after alot of testing of all other parts.

charles.j, Jun 15, 6:16am
are you running vista?

stefan123, Jun 15, 6:19am
different. Came up later with a message that said i could open it with settings before it started having a problem. I did this and at the moment it's working okay to use. Um it said the problem might be due to installing new hardware or software. BUt haven't done this. Only things was I deleted several files last night. Wasn't software I don't think. No windows files or anything

stefan123, Jun 15, 6:19am

litldevil, Jun 15, 6:36am
If it keeps occurringthen it could be one of many things happeninga piece of software acting up or hardware going faulty. if you have the knowledge to check all these things out, then that maybe a way to go..or find someone knowledgeable and reliable do it for you. it may be time consuming and costly depending on how far you want to go.

pixma, Jun 16, 2:45am
@ LOL "are you running vista" LOL

booklover1, Jun 16, 2:51am
When my computer had this problem, it actually had a virus.

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