Acer laptop aspire 4810T

Can anyone help me out please. I brought this laptop in August 2009, and now my screen has gone black. Am I covered under the cga act. I have rung acer but they told me their warranty is 2 years and in Australia they don't have the cga. This is the second acer I have had that has had problems after 2 years. Do I have any way of fixing this.

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 9:14 am

Where did you buy it from!

geek_vtecintegra, Dec 19, 9:16 am

if you bought it in nz yes you should be covered - two years is NOT an acceptable lifetime - and DON'T buy Acer crap next time.Have you tried plugging in an external monitor !

geek_drcspy, Dec 19, 9:17 am

I brought it from a laptop store but have closed down so cannot get help from them.

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 9:18 am

if purchased in nz take it back to the retailer from whom you got it .and print out this stuff so you know what's what.

in your case it's a 'substantial' fault as it prevents use of the device at ALL.

geek_drcspy, Dec 19, 9:19 am

Yeah crap is right, just brought a toshiba i7 staeliite, but paid $1899 for the acer, and yes in NZ

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 9:21 am

ok then the other option is to send it to the Acer reps in nz .and DON'T take no for an answer they cannot contract out of nz law.If you can
1 phone them and try to get them to agree to repair it.
2 also email them with details of the problem - if they refuse to repair it then you have their reply IN WRITING as proof.
3 In that instance get it repaired then take them to the disputes tribunal - you should win.(cost you $30)

geek_drcspy, Dec 19, 9:21 am

Thanks, Yeah tried the 0800 number but they don't listen, just fob you off is all they do, and that was a manager. Don't know if their number in NZ is toll free.

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 9:25 am

Acer Service Centre Auckland
Suite 2, Ground Floor, Building A
Millenium Phase II
600 Great South Road, Ellerslie
Auckland, 1051 New Zealand

send them a REGISTERED letter
with details of the machine/the problem/your purchase receipt (hope you still have it) and state that you have had negative response from their 'helpline'.tel-
l them you expect this machine to be fixed under the CGA (include printout of that page WITH web addy included).and ask them respond FORTHWITH .

geek_drcspy, Dec 19, 9:42 am

otherwise call some retailer who sell acer stuff and see if you can get a nz contact for them.

geek_drcspy, Dec 19, 9:44 am

Thanks for all advice, will try again, fingers crossed.

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 9:58 am

Just a update, after speaking with acer in Australia, they have agreed to fix the laptop free of charge.

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 5:37 pm

hahah well done !

geek_drcspy, Dec 19, 5:50 pm

Thanks for you help drcspy,
I didn't think they would listen being a woman, but I was assertive, and explained the cga act in NZ, success

geek_kiwicreed, Dec 19, 5:53 pm