Advice on new firewall!

homebay, Dec 18, 9:51pm
Seen to been having trouble with outlook express and seen Zone Alarm may be cause! So Have uninstalled and replaced with this:

Comodo Internet Security 5.8.213334

Can some advise if the above is any good! Or shoulf I reinstall Zone Alarm!

Many Thanks

mone, Dec 18, 10:01pm
Both zone alarm and comodo are decent packages.Just make sure you only have one or the other.Don't be like those people that have 3 firewalls and 4 anti virus softwares all running at once, your computer will be slow and confused lol

drcspy, Dec 18, 10:04pm
you dont need either
just use the windows's quite sufficient for normal useage

r.g.nixon, Dec 18, 10:05pm
Comodo is good. I install the firewall only, and use a different antivirus.

charles.j, Dec 18, 10:20pm
Zone Alarm Free was always good for me. However I had to tailor it right. I found that if I didn't allow some programs through, it'd lock up my PC

hakatere1, Dec 18, 10:37pm
True. Is all I ever use.

homebay, Dec 18, 10:39pm
Thanks to all above.How do I confirm that my windows XP has the firewall! Thanks

hakatere1, Dec 18, 10:53pm
Start/Control Panel/Classic View/Windows Firewall/Enable. That's from memory. Haven't used xp for a few years.

homebay, Dec 18, 11:03pm
Thanks heaps.Now have windows firewall operating will unistall the new one and stay with the windows one :)

mrfxit, Dec 19, 1:06am
Could have SWORN this is December 19th & not April 1st

mrfxit, Dec 19, 1:13am
Ms windows firewall is only a ONE WAY firewall.
It will stop most of the common bugs from getting in but if the bug comes in prepackaged with anything you download to install or run, then that firewall WON'T even attempt to stop it from phoning home

mrfxit, Dec 19, 1:15am
Starting to wonder if the Doc's account has been hacked.(or it's far too many JD's /JB's)

homebay, Dec 19, 1:29am
oops looks like I have to get another one after all!

hakatere1, Dec 19, 1:53am
I'm not an expert, but surely a good av, such as Avast free Home, would nail it as soon as it was clicked! Avast always alerts me about dangerous objects.

drcspy, Dec 19, 2:10am
dave it's all I've used for years (and the one built into the router).

as someone says - if you get a 'nasty' - well yoru a/v should notice !

mrfxit, Dec 19, 6:01am
True yea but to have several interacting but non interfering systems acting, MUST catch a few more bugs then just an inbound firewall & AV.
had several bugs carried in with obscure drivers etc & it's been the OUTgoing firewall thats caught & alerted me about them 1st, well before the AV & often the AV won't even notice because the 'bug" is a simple "phone home with your details" bug & not even close to what can be called 'virus/ trojan" type behavior.

mrfxit, Dec 19, 6:04am
Don't have to be a "nasty" to be able to glean some interesting personal facts about you & send them home.

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