Printer help please

pr0ud-mum-of-1, Dec 19, 5:47am
I have a printer brought brand new bout 5 months ago, just put brand new ink in it and it wont print properly, prints things out doubled and not straight.
Will take a picture of the document i was printing out.

hakatere1, Dec 19, 6:55am
Do a deep clean and re-alignment in settings. Could take a while for ink to get through. Incidentally, your reopening day has the wrong month. Should be January!

cantab1971, Dec 19, 8:22am
paper might be damp.put a few sheets in the microwave for a few seconds. if it curls, its damp.rethink where you're keeping it:)

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 19, 8:29am
Ring the manufacturers support 0800!

drsr, Dec 19, 4:58pm
It looks like a print head alignment problem. Google your printer make and model and "print head alignment" for instructions, or look in the manual. It is pretty severely out of whack so check that you didn't accidentally leave any bits of paper, tape or other detritus inside the printer when you changed the cartridges.

drcspy, Dec 19, 5:17pm
errrmmmmm you're re-opening four days before you close !

hakatere1, Dec 19, 8:17pm
I agree. Lol, detritus, now there's a new one. Learn a new word every day.

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