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spdip, Dec 19, 7:55am
Ok, here's my dilema. My mum has been in hospital for several weeks, the other day I received an email with an attachment that I needed to print so went through the print process only to discover somebody has been on my mothers computer (there has been several family members staying over this period to care for dad) and downloaded hundreds of pornographic images. The person who has done this has enough computer savvy to delete the internet history so I cannot pin it down to dates that this might have occurred. But I also have been unable to locate the file where the images are stored so I can delete them. Can anybody advise me!

Must admit in some ways I am tempted to leave them there for mum to discover as she thinks we are being neurotic about internet security, but would hate for her to print some photos for my young nieces and nephews for them to see these images.

mark.52, Dec 19, 8:16am
Download Ccleaner slim (from here ) (it's also hosted at filehippo which is a mirror site for it), install it, and set it to clean all temporary internet files, and temporary files. (look through the options of what will be cleaned (deleted) and don't delete anything else at this stage.
After it runs, have a look through the "my pictures" the "my videos" and "my documents' folders, to make sure there is nothing objectionable there.

You may need to search the computer to be really thorough. If the person who downloaded the porn created a particular folder for it, you'll need to locate and then delete it. You can browse via windows explorer (basically double-click "my computer", and start looking) or run a search for any file newer than a particular date, starting from the day your mum left home.

Once you've cleaned it up, you'll need to empty the recycle bin, too. Good luck.

gibler, Dec 19, 8:17am
probably was on their usb stick/ipod/whatever.

kevin16, Dec 19, 8:21am
what AV and spyware tools do you have!,.
if it came in on a usb/phone, it could have attached malware,.

niklaus, Dec 19, 8:23am
what O/S and what browser!

skin1235, Dec 19, 9:14am
if you cannot locate them then how do you know they exist, and if you can view them then you must be able to delete them

no matter, wheres the confusion, you can view them, the method you view them will also provide you with a file name, do a search for that file name, it will give you a location, chances are they will all be saved together, delete the folder or at least check that all the files in that folder are in fact porn and then delete it

spdip, Dec 19, 9:23am
O/S is XP home. Browser - Internet Explorer.

Skin, I went to print a document from an email attachment and it brought up a window where you select the images you want to print. Yes there are around 400 images, I tried looking at properties and it just gives me the web address, I must admit I forgot to go into temporary internet files, so willclean that out. Thanks

My mother does not update her AV or Spyware, she is naieve and thinks because nothing appears to have gone wrong that all is sweet on her computer. If I remember rightly she has Quickheal AV and SuperAntiSpyware.

swivel, Dec 19, 9:57am
yep CCleaner

jcmp21, Dec 19, 10:06am
Also it isn't necessarily somebody deliberately downloading porn onto the machine. It could be any form of malware that could in fact be doing so.

newbie5, Dec 19, 10:45am
how do you know someone has been downloading porno when you cant find any on the computer

grb235, Dec 19, 6:16pm
Another way to find picture files is to use the search function and use the wild card* .

Simply search for *.jpg and it will find all .jpg files.

Repeat with *.tiff and any other likely picture file extension.

spdip, Dec 19, 11:56pm
Refer to post 7

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