Vodafone! I am not a mug

jetgriff, Dec 19, 10:11pm
just had post fromVodafone proudly telling me that from next month my 2 gig vodumstick plan is reduced from $51.05 to $49.95 (WOW!) Wait there is more! Instead of paying $20 for an extra 2 gigs I will be charged $20 for 1 gig extra, or if I want I can go on a casual rate of $112.64 per gig.
Is this a bargain or not!

deus701, Dec 19, 10:19pm
hell yeah!

swivel, Dec 19, 10:44pm
WOW, Arn't they nice LOL

little_egypt, Dec 20, 1:30am
Wow you're so lucky, on 2degrees the casual rate is $500 per gig.

carkitter, Dec 20, 9:21am
You ARE a mug if you stay with them. I got fed up with the poor value of their mobile broadband deals, smartplans and handset discounts and switched to XT a couple of weeks ago.

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