Advice re charging digicam

catsmeat1, Dec 20, 4:02am
Hi, I'm looking to buy a new camera and getting somewhat confused with lots of different models, etc.Anyway my old camera has AA batteries, which I simply recharge, I would prefer to buy new camera with AA batteries but it appears there are not many around.So what happens with the cameras now!They appear to have battery packs, presumably when they are flat you have to plug the whole camera in and recharge - do the packs last or are they like laptop batteries, die quickly!And is it possible to get a spare battery pack!I would love a travel zoom cameras, with a BSI CMOS censor, but budgetwise I might be spending less. This thing with the batteries could be the deal breaker, I like the present system I have and if I am out and about and batteries go flat I can just throw in another set.Any advice appreciated.Cheers

reeveopd, Dec 20, 4:07am
Most of the cameras that have their own rechargeable battery have stand alone chargers and spare batteries available for them.

drcspy, Dec 20, 4:21am
look around and ask in the stores I bought a 12mp camera (nothing flash really at all was a cheapie) for the mrs to take to africa on safari which took AA batteries.Saved a lot of hassle charging them as AA batteries are readily availiable.

catsmeat1, Dec 20, 8:39am
Thanks, I'll keep hunting for the AA type I think.Cheers

gyrogearloose, Dec 20, 9:26am
I bought a SX40HS recently with a battery pack, it boots within a few seconds and the charge is still showing full. The battery is good, and it has a x35 optical zoom, HD video.

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 9:07am
Only cruddy models have AAs - they are too bulky and don't last long enough to be competitive these days.

It often isn't too expensive to get a second battery off here or ebay anyway.

agarn, Dec 21, 9:37am

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