Thunderbird not displaying correct dates on emails

Anyone had this problem!
Cant find anything on google or mozillazine regarding this, but basically the date of emails is missing the month and displays the date like this:


geek_nzoomed, Dec 21, 2:03 am

Update to latest version

geek_rojill, Dec 22, 7:17 am

Reinstall and retry!

geek_henry284, Dec 22, 7:57 am

click about in the help menu, perhaps there's another update. never ending on windows 7

geek_kiwis0, Dec 22, 8:02 am

Windows 7 has nothing to do with Thunderbird

geek_swivel, Dec 22, 8:23 am

done that

geek_nzoomed, Dec 22, 8:35 am

Have you checked the date on your server and client

geek_henry284, Dec 22, 8:37 am

If they had outlook express, there would be not need for Thunderbird.

geek_kiwis0, Dec 22, 9:22 am

If you have another email program, e.g. Windows Live Mail - maybe try and see if this does the same.

It might have something to do with the config editor, under Tools/Options/Advanced. I once followed instructions so TB loaded images automatically on all mail. Not sure if this is where you can control dates or not.

geek_chnman, Dec 22, 10:17 am