Anyone use Uniform Server for home FTP or

flewy, Jun 15, 9:25am
Anyone use Uniform Server for home FTP or webserver?? I have a DYNDNS account and have portforwarded but it still just opens the modem page. Any ideas im a bit lost .

madazu, Jun 15, 9:45am
Your not the only one what are you trying to do ? and more to the point, in your case, how many woodies have been consumed?

flewy, Jun 15, 9:47am
LOL no woodies and just trying to connect to it thru my other PC.

flewy, Jun 15, 9:48am
And now it dosent seem to even open the modem page anymore.

flewy, Jun 15, 10:03am
Hmmm http://www. dont work but http://*** does * being my name for the server.

seriouslycgi, Jun 15, 10:05am
Port forward port 80 you numb nuts

flewy, Jun 15, 10:06am
Rack off ramsey i have LOL

seriouslycgi, Jun 15, 10:07am
Lol oh your trying to access it locally does your ip work?

flewy, Jun 15, 10:11am
Yeah it does the same as my **** name.

seriouslycgi, Jun 15, 10:23am
Pm it to me at tmtech? your dynamic dns address and ip number..

flewy, Jun 15, 10:43am
Cheers dude , will do that but im off to bed know, cricket is boring and my eyes hurt so laterz.

seriouslycgi, Jun 15, 10:47am
Okjust so everyone knows "my eyes hurt" is code for the wife gave me the look and its sunday.

lifesteala, Jun 15, 11:52am
To access its http://pc-name/ Because your accessing a local PC. http://www. is accessing World Wide Web..

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