How to watch a movie on HP Mini

angeljasmine, Dec 24, 2:48am
This has no CD/DVD drive, so how do I watch a movie on there!Short of downloading a purchased movie through iTunes.

gilco2, Dec 24, 3:00am
If you dont have one on usb stick just buy external usb cd/dvd drive and connect to usb port and watch your dvd no problem

angeljasmine, Dec 24, 4:25am
Ok so how do I put a purchased movie that's on a DVD onto a USB stick! Copy and paste doesn't really make it play.

r.g.nixon, Dec 24, 4:55am
Use a DVD drive connected to a computer to copy the files to a stick.

drcspy, Dec 24, 5:47am
detail EXACTLY how you are trying to put the disk onto the stick

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