DVI-D & VGA monitor only - use HDMI adaptor !

wrong2, Dec 25, 6:47pm
new compy has 2 DVI-I outputs & 1 HDMI

would a DVI - HDMI adaptor + HDMI cable be the best way to go !

im not worried about the sound, just that the difference between DVI cables is a headache i dont need

spyware, Dec 25, 7:01pm
You use a DVI-D to DVI-D cable. DVI-I integrates both digital DVI-D and DVI-A.

wrong2, Dec 25, 7:33pm
but wont the extra pins on the DVI-I plugs on the back of my computer (card outputs) clash with th solidness of the DVI-D cable around its horizontal tab !

sorry but ive only had this monitor hooked up with VGA & havent messed with DVI cables before

flick13, Dec 25, 8:20pm
Your a little unclear as to what you have.

So - your monitor ONLY has VGA!
And the computer has a DVI-I output! (or 2)

So- you need a DVI-VGA adapter

flick13, Dec 25, 8:22pm
Just reread the heading.
So your monitor has DVI-D and VGA inputs!
And your computer has DVI-I and HDMI outputs!

Best way is to use a DVI-D cable (as post #2 said) and go from DVI-DVI.
The DVI-D cable has less pins than your DVI-I output, so no problem at all.
The DVI-I output just accomodates digital and video signals.

wrong2, Dec 25, 8:23pm

looking at the DVI-D cables, the -D can slot into the DVI-I plugs on my GPU outputs & it wont conflict !

thats if i am understnding spyware correctly

edit - ok thanks , crystal clear ~

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