Monitor damage advice

Not a major, but it fell over in latest quake.
Has a quite noticeable scratch top left side. No reply from insurance so just wondered if that stuff is covered in household effects of has to be specified!

geek_mlh19658, Dec 27, 2:15 pm

Sorry, should've Googled it. Doing now.

geek_mlh19658, Dec 27, 2:18 pm

The cost of repair/replacement would probably be less than your excess at a rough guess.

geek_ringo2, Dec 27, 3:12 pm

Thanks ringo. Might leave it for a day or so. Just had a couple of new thuds.
Have duct taped the monitor and machine to the desk, which is also tied down. Be nice if this shit would go away for a for ever. Just had a massive shake.

geek_mlh19658, Dec 27, 3:34 pm

Insurance is under contents. $200 excess which is fair enough. Would a new screen replacement cost more than the excess! HP 2009f
Cheers from bumpy land.

geek_mlh19658, Dec 28, 11:09 am

geek_hakatere1, Dec 28, 11:17 am

Thanks, hakatere1

geek_mlh19658, Dec 28, 11:27 am