Remote desktop access software

michaelqian, Dec 27, 9:49pm
Hi all. There seems to be a lot of these. What's a good one that's free to use! I want to be able to control my desktop computer here in NZ through my laptop which is going to be in Australia. Is it easy to setup! Thanks

kgbatussr, Dec 27, 9:50pm

l43a2, Dec 27, 10:09pm
use teamviewer

little_egypt, Dec 27, 10:13pm
logmein works very well too. I've never tried teamviewer.

michaelqian, Dec 27, 10:29pm
Just installed Teamviewer and it works great, was extremely easy to setup as well. Imagine all the things I can do now!

spacies_nz, Dec 27, 11:34pm
Yep I use teamviewer too. I also have the Android App so I can use it on my phone and control the computers at home. Don't forget to download the USB version which you can run direct from USB (no software installed on the PC you use). Great little piece of kit :)

I have my brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews on it too and when they have a computer problem I can show them, from my house 400kms away, how to fix it.

michaelqian, Dec 27, 11:43pm
hmmm just wondering how would I transfer sound over Teamviewer as well! Say if I want to watch a movie only locatedon the desktop, I can only see the image. Any ideas how I can get the sound to transfer over as well! Cheers

spyware, Dec 27, 11:55pm
For god sake. Generally you'll find that your connection is too slow for playing video on the desktop. adsl upstream speeds are in the order of 1 Mbps max. so this is the maximum you'll get off any site, given the entire desktop image is being transferred you must realise the limitations.

spyware, Dec 28, 12:01am
You you want to stream movies, setup a virtual private server running a media server on HostGator or similar and try that.

rohb, Dec 28, 12:08am
TRY Myview (Player/Server) but you need to preconvert the movie files or it buffers alot. that's the only problem.Otherwise it STEAM video files well.oh well what do I expect from a aFREE. Appz!id=com.coden.myview&feature=search_result

little_egypt, Dec 28, 12:13am
For watching a movie you would be better off setting up some sort of VPN and fileserver . transfer the compressed movie file over the network and have it play locally rather than decompressing it on your home computer and then trying to push the huge uncompressed frames through a remote desktop application.

rohb, Dec 28, 12:13am
Also TRY this appsSpeaktoit Assistant BEST Siri clone so Far that I tried and it WORKS! Sam got a very sexy voice :) smart conversation,. Make sure you have a mid range to high-end phone.Dualcore is better :)!id=com.speaktoit.assistan

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