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mazzy1, Dec 30, 1:14am
OK - I have one computer at work and one at home, both running Windows 7. I want to be able to have Outlook for emails. It is my belief that the Home and Student package doesn't have Outlook, so to buy the proper package for Home and Business for multiple users looks like costing $515 - the cheapest I have been able find online. Any suggestions!

drcspy, Dec 30, 1:19am
yeh forget outlook

theres plenty of free alternatives

is there any particular reason you need outlook in particular !

drcspy, Dec 30, 1:20am
you're talking a $515 office package so you can have a certain email client program !

d.snell, Dec 30, 1:22am
Outlook standalone is $200 - $250You can use that

kgbatussr, Dec 30, 1:22am
Gmail springs to mind (free)

agarn, Dec 30, 1:23am

drcspy, Dec 30, 1:26am
they want it on two computers that's a

"1 User DVD Version"

for $210 each ($420) seems that's nearly as much as they were gonna pay for a full office multi user version ($515)

IF I was gonna pay that money I'd buy the full office multi version.
but then again you'd have to be pretty damn serious about Ms Outlook to pay that sort of money for sure dont need to buy an office program as theres some excellent free ones.and some very good free mail apps also.why pay at all !

bmwnz, Dec 30, 1:38am
drcspy talks the troof, mate!

Free is the most I'd pay for an email client.

mazzy1, Dec 30, 3:59am
It's not just about the Outlook - I need Word, Excel and Powerpoint too. Think I'll just bite the bullet and do it - I certainly got plenty of year's worth out of Office 2003 :)

northshorepx, Dec 30, 4:41am
If you are a student - look at getting dreamspark. Loads of free software from MS.

drcspy, Dec 30, 4:52am
why PAY !

OPEN OFFICEwhich is FREE has excellent and very compatible versions of 'word/excel/powerpoint'-
;.you go pay if you want to tho

plumbernick, Dec 30, 4:59am
Crazy. Plenty of free alternatives that will do the job.

Thunderbird, Open Office, Libre Office etc.

Reminds me of NZ schools that have just paid millions of dollars for all schools to get Office 2011 when they should utalising free software, Google Apps for education and free cloud based software.

They probably are like OP and think its Microsoft or bust and then pay for stuff that they can get for free.

hbhana, Dec 30, 5:15am
Cheaper at PB Tech at around $390 if you are still looking at buying.

pyro_sniper2002, Dec 30, 5:43am
Not crazy at all, MS Office is the standard, I'd happily pay for it over Open Office my self.

michael555, Dec 30, 5:49am
same I used Open Office once and never liked it. Some thing weren't compatible between MS Office and Open Office so I found

plumbernick, Dec 30, 5:56am
For the average user (99% of people) there is nothing that Word can do that Open Office can't. Most people can even get away with using Google docs.

Why would you pay all that money for MS!

Have you got Norton antivirus too!

sparkyz, Dec 30, 7:26am
If you work for a reasonably large company, ask your IT guy if the staff are able to use this,!culture=en-NZ

newbie5, Dec 30, 10:17am
you got that with the home and student didnt you now just get Gmail for your mail and you can access that on as manycomputers you want to use

henry284, Dec 30, 8:29pm
Torrent a free copy and make sure you don't sell it to anyone

drcspy, Dec 30, 8:43pm
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michael555, Dec 30, 9:09pm
I got my copy yesterday for $10 doing this. Thanks to the place I work.great stuff!

little_egypt, Dec 30, 9:14pm
And such useful stuff for sale. There are so many ways I could use a PGA370 to slot1 adapter!

hakatere1, Dec 30, 10:58pm
I still use 2003 Office pro on win 7 ultimate and it runs fine. I downloaded 'File Format Converters' from ms to open/save/edit .docx files, free. Also free was doPDF 7, which using the file menu print command allows you to choose doPDF as printer and save as pdf. I chose not to install outlook as I use Eudora for my mail client, but the option was there. Office is too expensive to be upgrading it all the time. I upgraded from 97 to 2000 and then to 2003 and then said bugger this, so just stuck with it.

doctor_evil99, Dec 30, 11:28pm
It's part of MS licencing program, some work place will allow yo to buy office 2010 for $25 for home use purposes (some will even allow you to buy Windows 7 as well).

mark.p, Dec 31, 12:19am
It may not be useful to you. But I'm sure some will find it handy.

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