Wireless modem advice please!

ambo11, Dec 30, 10:40pm
Okay, have a standard Thomson ST536 modem and a D-Link DIR 300 wireless router, about 2 years old roughly. Lately (past few months) its taking 5 minutes or more for the modem to connect and randomly drops off during the first 10 mins or so use. (with Xtra, never had any problems before this). Have two laptops, both well maintained/updated/protected, one running Vista and the other Win7, plus a desktop running Vista. My question is I'm wondering if there would be any benefit to buying a new wireless modem, like Belkin/D-Link/Netgear etc etc! Hoping this would solve the slow and poor connection issues. Would pay the local computer tech to come and install it. Does a wireless modem do the job of our current modem PLUS wireless router! Thanks in advance.

drcspy, Dec 30, 11:14pm
a wireless ADSL router is a 'modem' which connects to your Broadband AND sends out a local wireless signal

butBEFORE you spend money:

dont EVER just 'assume' that because something appears to have a problem that it's the obvious solution.

You may indeed get a new modem and find out that you've just completely wasted some money.

eliminate the potentials.
use some logical process of elimination

like this for a starter:

.do an isolation test.

unplug EVERY telephone device (including your sky box) from the wall EXCEPT the modem.plug the modem DIRECTLY into the wall WITHOUT a filter.see what happens.if it goes better start adding your devices back in.you DON'T need a filter on the broadband modem.

ambo11, Dec 30, 11:20pm
Cheers drcspy, will try that, and see how it runs tomorrow morning, once the modem has been on for 10 mins or so the connection seems to stay good whenever we use it during the day. Have a filter on the broadband modem, so will remove it and see. Disconnected the sky phone line months ago. Thanks again.

kgbatussr, Dec 30, 11:28pm
I'll tell you what OP, posters in this forum have given me ideas on wireless around the home, but I am having a really close look at this one http://ubnt.com/unifi

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