Advice please on replacing a mobile phone battery

carkitter, Dec 31, 11:40pm
The Sharp GX range were among the first 3G cameraphones released by Vodafone in NZ. If I remember correctly, Vodafone used Ferrari F1 drivers including Michael Schumacher to promote PXT picture messaging using a Sharp GX flip phone. Sharp in NZ didn't supply and support the phones, they were imported by Vodafone by a broker with little in the way of accessories or spare parts.

You should look at replacing the phone with a current model, probably a budget priced smartphone running Android. You'll be surprised how far phones have moved on.

carkitter, Dec 31, 11:48pm

irenew, Jan 1, 1:10am
Thanks for that final comment.I had a feeling that might be the case!Trying to wring out the last bit of life before I can replace it :)

irenew, Dec 31, 8:16am
I've had my cell phone over 6 years, and it's starting to pack up.It loses it's charge after a day or so and the battery has literally swollen so much that I can't close the back and it's held in with sticky tape, much to the horror of the girl at the Vodafone store!I'm reluctant to throw the phone away, but am told I won't find a replacement battery.It's a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.Model XN-1BT30. 3.7v 780mAh

intrade, Dec 31, 8:25am
you find new battery with phone model number and make not with battery code

irenew, Dec 31, 9:19am
Thanks for all this advice!Most appreciated.

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