HTC Desire Z or Sony Xperia Pro!

volkier, Jan 1, 3:40am
Trying to consolidate the pros and cons of each of the other.

I like how the Desire Z looks better, by a lot. The downside is the HTC sense, which is apparently a huge resource hog, and a slower processor clock. Now research reveals that the processor in the HTC is actually downclocked, and if one roots the phone, gets rid of htc sense thus increasing the performance,, and runs it on Froyo or whatnot, you can overclock, or rather, unclock the processor back to it's original speeds.

So on that note, the HTC does seem to come out on top, but I just wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations or whatnot. If the new Galaxy had a physical qwerty keyboard, I would just buy that, or if the BlackBerry 9980 had an fm receiver, I would have gotten that instead - but unfortunately none of the more 'modern / newer' phones have all the features I want, hence why the choice is between the two 'oldies' mentioned in the title - though I'm open to suggestions and recommendation if there is something newer available that fits that criteria.


volkier, Jan 1, 3:59am
On that note, after further looking around - I may wait for someone to start selling the Samsung i927 Captivate Glide on here. Pretty much fits it all.

EDIT: Oh god damn it - and of COURSE they did not put an fm receiver in there. sigh*

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 4:25am
Which Sony model are you talking about!

The X10 Mini Pro is garbage, tiny low res screen, old generation processor, old version of Android

Have you tried typing on a modern phone with a decent sized screen! There is a reason why physical keyboards are all but gone.

drcspy, Jan 1, 4:42am
yeh have to say my android phone wiht touchscreen keyboard is fine to use.I always thought I'd want a physical keyboard but .nah.not now

nobles, Jan 1, 5:59am
I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 & the virtual keyboard is very good.

gemini_gurl, Jan 1, 6:12am
How much are you looking at spending!
I would suggest an HTC Sensation , Fast fast fast , lovely phone to have.
I dont think its true about sense being a resource hog.
I have had An HTC nexus One running sense (now have a sensation )andalong with two varients of the samsung galaxy S , and found them all to run on par really.

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 6:15am
Yeah but the Sensation is a vastly more powerful dual-core phone. Its pretty sad that it only runs about as well as previous single core non-Sense models.

The Galaxy SII is a vastly better performer, mostly because the Samsung skin is more lightweight than Sense.

fordcrzy, Jan 1, 9:13am
ive got the sony erricsonACTIVE which is a smaller phone but has a 1 gig processor and goes really issues at all with the keypad even though i have fat tradesmans fingers.for the first couple of weeks it randomly powered down all the time but thats stopped now. its water proof too :)

volkier, Jan 1, 9:47am
As above - it's not about how much I'm willing to spend. I willing to spend as much as it takes (within reason) on something like the Captivate Glide - which has a physical keyboard - if only it had an FM receiver. Most suggestions, unfortunately, don't include one or the other.

volkier, Jan 1, 9:49am
How deep is it rated to go under! And wouldn't touch screen get a bit iffy underwater!

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 9:53am
That's part of the reason, but the other part is it adds too much bulk for a modern phone to be competitive.

As for Blackberry, they're on borrowed time and will fade away before this year is out

fordcrzy, Jan 1, 10:21am
its only rated to 1 meter for half an hour and the touch screen works with water on it.(do a bit of you tubing for demos)
at least you know is not toast if you drop it in a puddle or down the loo! :)

carkitter, Jan 1, 11:08am
The Xperia Pro has a 3.7" screen, runs Android 2.3 and is guaranteed to get a upgrade to ICS in Q1 2012, in fact SE already have a alpha version of ICS out for developers. The Xperia Mini Pro is a different device.

Blackberry's handset sales in the US are petering out but they are increasingtheir sales internationally. Blackberry are refocusing on running their business messaging software as an iOS, Android and WP7 app which is a smart move for a company in freefall in the US smartphone market. All indications are that they have saturated a mature market and run out of potential customers. Their Blackberry 10 OS is due late 2012 which is likely too late and may include Android app support but I think their handset future lies with Android OS or WP7 personally.

volkier, Jan 1, 11:50am
I would put my money that they would include android app support, or even if they work some patent / legal magic with google to somehow have a "BlackBerry Android OS" - simply because their client base is mostly business / corporate firms which BlackBerry OS was designed and optimised for. Abandoning it altogether would loose them that market-share.

As for the original post carkitter was replying to - browse around the web vtecintegra - you would be surprised at how much demand there is for hardware qwerty keyboard phones (I am one of the people who prefers them, and I was surprised myself since I thought I was the minority, after trying to find one).

Back to topic - can anyone here confirm whether Motorola's Droid 3 has an actual FM receiver chip! It's listed as none in most specifications, but pretty much all user forums stated that it does, albeit Motorola in their infinite wisdom, simply did not include the application to make use of the hardware. Apparently this is the case in a lot of their phones.

On that note, does anyone know if this may be the case with the Samsung's i927 Captivate Glide phone! It's not likely, but I am kind of hoping against logic that there is a chance it may, since I really like the specs on it (and the Droid3 only has 512Mb of Ram - which just feels pretty meh for a dual core chip).

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 7:00pm
Basically they're the new dumb phone for prepay and very low end account users. Not a good space to be in, and all too easy to go the way of Nokia if thats where you're competing.

fordcrzy, Jan 1, 7:53pm were left standing still. they are stuffed now. it was thier own fault.totally msreading where the market was and then not doing anyhting to catch are prepay phones now.

lostdude, Jan 2, 5:37am
haven't read most of the thread but I have a Desire Z and it works just fine for my needs. Still stock standard, haven't rooted it and with sense, it sometimes lags but that depends on the widgets you have on your homescreens & live background. If you stick to standard icons & background instead, its smooth as silk. About the keyboard, the ONLY thing I reckon the Sony has over it, is arrow keys, the Desire Z doesn't have navigation arrows. But you can just use the touch screen, which IMO defeats the purpose of a hardware KB though. Also, hardware KBs are far quicker to type on than a virtual onscreen one. If you're a proficient touch typist, then you'll see the benefit of a hardware KB. Anway, that's my 2 cents.

lostdude, Jan 2, 5:49am
Oh, one more thing, the lag is more noticeable if you have active widgets which reads from your sd card (e.g. the gallery widget). Having a class 10 microsd significantly improves that.

volkier, Jan 3, 10:27am
How easy would it be to root though! I am not a complete idiot, and can use google, but admittedly, I don't have any experience whatsoever rooting an android.

lostdude, Jan 3, 11:16am
Haven't rooted my phone yet but HTC are notorious for their closed systems. Seems simple enough though with this guide:

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