Linux for a server

asmawa1, Jan 1, 5:04am
Didn't want to completely hijack babcorp thread,Am completely green when it comes to linux and have spent the best part of this afternoon trying to download debian without success so far.I do have older copies of fedora and ubuntu available on cd - would one of them do the trick or is there something particular about debian. Sorry to be thick but it is totally unchartered territory for me. Thanks.

pkm66, Jan 1, 5:26am
First define your goal
-Music/video shares over local network!
-Mail !
-sFTP !
-commandline or GUI

Then go to and find a matching tutorial that walks you through the steps.

Debian is right here

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 5:29am
Ubuntu is based of Debian anyway and comes in a server version designed to cut down on configuration.

Whatever OS you choose you'll want a current version

asmawa1, Jan 1, 5:31am
Thanks guys !

babcorp, Jan 1, 5:57am
Had the same question, cheers.

cybertao, Jan 1, 6:03am
I'm currently running Arch on my server because I'm a bit of a masochist.But was previously running Debian 5.0 Stable for about two years and found it to be rock solid.
The thing to watch out for with server distributions is they usually lack a user interface, you just get a text based console.If you are unfamiliar with linux then I would suggest going with standard desktop Ubuntu.
It doesn't have to be the most recent release either, just supported.I use Ubuntu 10.04, which is an LTS (long term support) release, on my workstations.

asmawa1, Jan 1, 6:26am
Much appreciated info and advice

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