Setting pop and stmp in outlook 2003.

bethel1, Jan 1, 9:25pm
hi does anyone know the settings for clearmail for the above, cannot find anything about it on the TelstraClear site and the other google and outlook help searches are too generic (sigh, we managed to melt our pc and have had to buy a new one, I hate setting things up again)

vtecintegra, Jan 1, 9:29pm

bethel1, Jan 1, 9:31pm
great thats what I was looking for, ta so much

bethel1, Jan 1, 9:36pm
actually oh guru, you dont happen to be able to magic up the same things for my email account!

hakatere1, Jan 1, 9:47pm
It's actually 'SMTP'. Anything else, like you have eg, they will never go.

drcspy, Jan 1, 10:30pm
it's on their help page.where else !

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 1, 10:59pm
Since when was common sense considered 'magic'!

drcspy, Jan 1, 11:02pm
since when was 'common sense' common lmfao !

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 1, 11:03pm
It used to be.

babcorp, Jan 1, 11:04pm
damn infllation!

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 1, 11:13pm

But use for outgoing because is flakey.

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 1, 11:15pm
Hilariously, if you go to and pick "Email settings" under "Telecom Broadband & Dial-Up Help" it finds nothing! They must have an ex-govt employee doing their page structure.

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