Internet Access Just Stops !

andrew1954, Jan 1, 10:31pm
My notebook PC has an annoying problem. it just randomly, about once every hour, just stopps accesssing the net.and I have to completly turn it off and boot it up again to get access again. it is like a cache or similar has got full !. Just going out of IE or restarting the PC does not do it, it has to be turned off. The PC is running XP and IE8.
It is ADSL connection, and the pc is connected to the modem via a hub with cable, i.e., it is not wireless. the other pc connected to the hub does not have any problem. I need some guidance ! please

drcspy, Jan 1, 10:38pm
restarting the pc and 'turning off ' the pc (then turning it back on) are the same thing.odd

right clik 'my computer' then clik properties/hardware/device manager.go down the list till you see 'network adaptors', clik the + sign beside it then your LAN adaptor will be listed there (that's the bit of actual hardware which the network cable plugs into).then double clik the listed adaptor.then goto the power managment tab and UNtick 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' clik apply/ok etc .see how you go with that

andrew1954, Jan 1, 10:46pm
Thanks for that. have UNTICKed the property. so will see how we go.

drcspy, Jan 1, 10:49pm
hope it helps

andrew1954, Jan 2, 1:14am
unfortunately no joy.has failed twice since I tried the fix.
Get the "IE can't display this web page" message and it then offeres the box "diagnose connection problem"
any other ideas !

r.g.nixon, Jan 2, 1:17am
Install Firefox or Chrome. They are just better and safer than IE8.

kgbatussr, Jan 2, 1:18am

drcspy, Jan 2, 1:23am
well thats potentially a quite different problem - wish you'd stated that FIRST.that does not mean you've lost the connection at all necessarily

can you use email when IE goes down !

drcspy, Jan 2, 1:24am
check the modem/router to be sure all the 'usual' lights are on

kgbatussr, Jan 2, 1:26am
The usual lights meaning power, ppp and the connection.

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