Advice please

thea4, Jan 2, 2:05am
I understand there is a system whereby phone calls can be made using a computer, can someone please explain how to do this and what costs are involved to set it up.
Thank you

melp6, Jan 2, 2:07am
Skype can do it can't it!

Technobluffer here

thea4, Jan 2, 2:11am
How do I find out about skype!

melp6, Jan 2, 2:12am

Really easy to install

asmawa1, Jan 2, 2:17am
Making phone calls via computer is voice over internet protocol (voip) You set this up with many ISP"s for cheap (not free) telephone calls.
Skype is a free service for making internet calls to someone else on Skype, but you both have to be online at the same time.Skype also allows you to make calls to non Skype users for a fee.

thea4, Jan 2, 2:17am
ThanksI have looked at that but am not clear, i assume I can sign in for free but is there a charge per call!

thea4, Jan 2, 2:18am
and do I have to have a special phone!

zak410, Jan 2, 2:26am
Skype is free for skype to skype on computers,
you can also by credit to phone any telephone number at avery cheap rate, no special phone required from your computer.

asmawa1, Jan 2, 2:26am
Skype is particularly good for long distance contact with selected people - e.g. friends and family. It requires a web cam. It's free to use.
VOIP can replace your telephone for all phone calls. It requires a special handset. Charges apply.

kgbatussr, Jan 2, 2:27am
And so does bandwidth.

thea4, Jan 2, 2:31am
thanks for your patience, it is calls to Aussie I want to make.I meant the connection to skype was free I expect to pay a fee of some sort.
Where best to get the special handset!

babcorp, Jan 2, 2:41am
also dial-up modems can be used as a standard phone as well.

mgc54, Jan 2, 2:50am
Ref post #11. you dont need a special handset for Skype.
Skype uses a webcam with a microphone. Logitech are a good brand
Skype is free between users ref post #8

newbie5, Jan 2, 3:05am
asmawa1 wrote:
. It requires a web cam. It's free to use.

It can be used without a webcam .that is just so the recipient can see you It can be done in the settings.
I dont have a webcam on one of my computers and skype works fine

newbie5, Jan 2, 3:08am
You can get a skype phone from Dick Smith but just tell the other person to get skype then you wont have to pay for the call

If they are not on skype You credit your account (Min $10) and pay a small fee per min or call It is all on the website

asmawa1, Jan 2, 4:09am
Just unplugged my web cam. Waving my arms and yelling at the computer but somehow no one can hear or see me!

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