Is anyone a expert with iPhone 3G probs!

son brought iPhone3G off trademe member couple months ago,was aware it was jailbroken(not sure what that is exactly) it was working but had issues! and he downloaded song from website (not sure what one) now the phone has shutdown,only thing that shows on the screen is the battery when charging, and the apple icon, so can any one advise if there may be a chance this can be fixed! or is it doomed:(i plugged into the computer but even the computer doesnt show a device being plugged in! cheers all :)

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 3, 3:40 pm


geek_henry284, Jan 3, 3:42 pm

The device can not be fixed by apple because it has been jailbroken (firmware rewritten) and they no longer support it.

geek_henry284, Jan 3, 3:43 pm

Get someone to try and jailbreak it again or get a proper phone. Android based devices are king of the market at the moment

geek_henry284, Jan 3, 3:44 pm

Oh and dont go to apple because it is quite likely they will have it inspected and destroyed because of the firmware

geek_henry284, Jan 3, 4:00 pm

thanks henry284 i thought as much :( sad for son, was first big purchase he has made and had saved for ages, the listing did say it was jailbroken,but i dont really think he knew what that meant, oh well thats $370 he will have to kiss goodbye,

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 3, 4:07 pm

Put it into DFU mode

geek_wazza102, Jan 3, 4:15 pm

Oh well a learning experience is always good. Still ask around and see if any locals can jailbreak it.

geek_henry284, Jan 3, 4:16 pm

Yeah def a learning experience, gota have them aye:)

hey wazza whats DFU!

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 3, 4:31 pm

sounds like it needs to be unlocked and re jailbroken.

geek_stealthbida, Jan 3, 4:41 pm

yeah not sure how to unlock it or how to jailbreak it, and then if that is successful,will need to learn how to avoid it locking again! to techno for me.:)

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 3, 4:46 pm

geek_wazza102, Jan 3, 5:42 pm

It's easy to fix as others have suggested get a relatively tech capable person to spend a minute or two googling "how to put into dfu mode". Then restore the phone via Itunes.

geek_massived, Jan 3, 5:50 pm


why you need itunes to get your phone working seems to just escape me

geek_drcspy, Jan 3, 6:00 pm

It seems an Iphone has to be activated through an Itune account.

geek_thesmiths9, Jan 3, 8:06 pm

IMO a jailbroken iPhone 3G is not worth $370. iPhone 3G is pretty much obselete now and a jailbroken one runs the risk of being bricked, as you found out.

geek_carkitter, Jan 4, 12:37 am

You would hope it was at least a 3g-s for that.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jan 4, 1:34 am

That's a fairly callous comment for a parent. One would think you'd take more of an interest and offer some common sense advise, even do some research online or at least recommend he do some. I bet you don't take that once over lightly approach to your Office Admin role.

geek_carkitter, Jan 4, 2:35 am

hey carkitter,pull ya head in! for your info my son didnt want my help with this at all wanted to sort himself,which he had no luck,it was put in the drawer to forget about,while he is away i am trying like mad to try fix for him,only spent days trying to help,but i have limited experience with it,so have asked on here for help,not to be criticised as you just have not idea how much i tried to help with this since it happened,but it is a lesson he has taken on.If i had known he was buying it in the first place i wouldve offererd my "common sense advise" (advice) not to buy it. it was his choice, mistake made,
cheers for being such a nice trade me member NOT

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 4, 11:44 am

Thanks for all the good advice from everyone else, i will give it all a try, fingers crossed,

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 4, 11:50 am

And considering the price they still sell on in here a jailbroken, fully working Iphone 3G will still sell for around $300 or more depending on if its 8Gb or 16Gb. And being jailbroken is a huge plus.

geek_massived, Jan 4, 12:02 pm

As others have said, have you successfully got it in DFU mode! Surely once in that, you should be able to plug it in the computer and then restore it in iTunes. Note, I had issues when jailbreaking my iPhone doing this and the drivers (the software that talks between the operating system eg windows 7 and the phone itself) stuffed up in my machine but successfully got it recognised on another pc and was able to restore it. Once restored, I was able to then re-jailbreak it and haven't looked back since.

Others correct me if I'm wrong, but it's only really the end of the world if you can't get it in DFU mode at all. Also, if you're stuck, look at how to get into DFU mode on youtube as there are heaps of videos on there showing how to do it.

geek_mattie47, Jan 4, 1:02 pm

I thought so! I detected the 'serves him right' tone in your post.
I've been in the sons-first-phone situation before and negotiated it successfully, for your info.
Please note, I'm the only one to provide you a link to what jailbreaking is.
I'd think twice about that provocative username if I were you, it comes across as arrogant.

geek_carkitter, Jan 4, 10:59 pm

Anyone else smell the condescension and hypocrisy!

geek_reeveopd, Jan 5, 8:21 am

sorry if it comes across like i am arrogant as i may not have been clear with what i posted!,i had no idea 16yr son was buying this,until it arrived,once he was having problems with it i offered to help him find a solution he didnt want my help he was angry with himself for buying it,i offered to maybe pay someone to help fix it if i cld find someone,he said he wld try something first,then it stopped altogether,he was angry that it was his first attempt to try be independent with purchasing something of this cost,and he was possibly being to proud to let me help! i had to leave him to it, i couldnt force him to let me help,but i tried hard to offer,also ringing around computer techs and going into shops for advice, i didnt want him to have lost out,money is super tight,so i wouldnt dismiss it that easily. So hence why i am trying to help with it while he is away,an due to some comments i thght possibly there was no way to fix it at first as all was lost, but now thanks to some more good advice on here i have got as far as getting it into DFU mode, so hopefully i can go further from there!
as for my user name,it really is just that, a username,which was actually suggested by my kids years ago when i set trademe up as friends often said to them an me that they thought i was superwoman due to bringing up the kids by myself for 10yrs and working and getting on with it, I dont think i am superwoman,(but possibly wonderwoman) so thats how that came about,there really are some unsual usernames on here and it really shouldnt define people! cheers and have a good day :)

geek_superwomaniam, Jan 5, 10:36 am

Okay now that you have it in DFU mode, can you see it in iTunes when you plug it into the computer! If you do a restore it should get it back to a useable state, only issue is if this 3G was originally from overseas and you put your NZ sim in it, it might not work (only provided it's locked to another overseas provider). If this is the case you'd need to re-jailbreak it. Probably the easiest method of jailbreaking is going to (yes that's a website) on the phone while you're connected to wifi. Just fill in the correct info (which you would find by going to settings, general, about phone.

geek_mattie47, Jan 5, 11:37 am

Get it sorted!

geek_mattie47, Jan 6, 10:22 pm

Dont upgrade the baseband or you will have an ipod.

geek_caseyscreations, Jan 8, 11:42 am

lol, Apple won't destroy it. It is not illegal to jailbreak phones. They will not honor any warranty but they cannot take the phone from you. Thats called theft. If it is just locked I can jailbreak / Unlock it again for you if you like. Just contact me in one of my auctions :)

geek_vitaminh, Jan 8, 12:04 pm

That will work if the phone was only jailbroken if like the phones I sell it was sim locked to at & t or similar it will need to be re jailbroken and then unlocked again to work. No biggy though.

geek_vitaminh, Jan 8, 12:07 pm

geek_vitaminh, Jan 8, 12:10 pm

I will even do it for just the cost of postage. As it is not a hard job but depending on your firmware can be a tricky job :)

geek_vitaminh, Jan 8, 12:41 pm