Router dropping ADSL connection

robbie_sh, Jan 4, 5:30am
Hi All
Over the last 2 or 3 nights my router has started to lose its ADSL connection. It's a D-Link 502T which is connected to an Apple Time Capsule to create my wireless network in the house. Connected are two Macs and a couple of laptops. No issues with the ISP (telecom), just that the router keeps cutting out as shown by the ADSL status light going blank. I must have had this router for at least 4 years with no problems. Do they burn themselves out over a period of time, should I be looking at a new router or should I try something else.

Many thanks for any assistance.

princelee, Jan 4, 5:38am
d-link 502T are the most well known routers for dropping connections once they get on a bit, time for a replacement. You should be able to get a freebie thomson router out of telecom if you commit to them for another 12 months, thomson are pretty poor quality routers however sometimes they'll last for only a few months.

drcspy, Jan 4, 5:47am
oh crap.

do this before you spend any money - could be a bad filter.or who knows what:

eliminate the potentials.
use some logical process of elimination

like this for a starter:

.do an isolation test.

unplug EVERY telephone device (including your sky box) from the wall EXCEPT the modem.plug the modem DIRECTLY into the wall WITHOUT a filter.see what happens.if it goes better start adding your devices back DON'T need a filter on the broadband modem.

robbie_sh, Jan 4, 5:53am
I have a separate ADSL jack in the wall as I have a wired monitored alarm in the house and no filters are used.

drcspy, Jan 4, 5:58am
take the router to a friends house who has adsl see if it drops off there.if so .the router is faulty.if not the wiring in yr house is faulty or similar.

drcspy, Jan 4, 5:58am
process of elimination

bluecambridge, Jan 4, 6:18am
FFS princelee! In my humble experience thomson routers are the WORST for dropping the connection. OP follow drcspy's advice and if you find the router is naff recommend you get a TP-Link.great bang-for buck and I've never had any issues with them.good strong wireless signal too get one with 3 aerials

family007, Jan 4, 10:05pm
D LInk modems and routers seem to have a life span of 12 months. I have thrown out 3 of them. We now have a Belkin which is brilliant!

drcspy, Jan 4, 10:13pm
have had several d-links over the years only one failed.

rohb, Jan 4, 10:18pm
4 years is a long time maybe a time for an UPGRADE.anyway Have you Firmware UPDATE it since you had it!!product=DSL-502T&revision=REV_A&filetype=Firmware

princelee, Jan 4, 10:31pm
yeah i rate thomson after d-link as being the worst. Ok it could be a filter issue but with the d-link router being so old its about 99% likely that its the router.

TP-Link have always looked cheap to me but they seem to be about the best bang for the buck at the moment going by recent reviews. After having had a Linksys wag160n v1 which ran perfectly for 3yrs, im now running a 6 month old linksys wag160N v2 but have continual issues with it from locking up to the dhcp failing, the latest firmware version .20 (the firmware that comes with them when buying new) also kills wireless connection speed, rolled back to firmware version.17 which fixes this issue but the router lock ups, etc drive me mad, searching google reveals that this is a very common issue with this model. So im looking at changing to a TP-Link.

drcspy, Jan 4, 10:33pm
ridiculously easy to test

robbie_sh, Jan 4, 11:49pm
Thanks all for your comments.

Firmware is all up to date.

wombatunder, Jan 5, 12:11am
What does this mean, exactly!Is this "separate ADSL jack" on a separate phone line!

drcspy, Jan 5, 12:22am
splitter with dedicated adsl jack

wombatunder, Jan 5, 12:26am
That's what I'm asking the OP, yes.

robbie_sh, Jan 5, 12:28am

puffydawg, Jan 5, 9:44am
sounds like the common error between the router chipset and telecoms new Ikanos VDSL cards they are putting in the exchanges, there are two solutions for you, get your isp to drop your line back to ADSL 1 or find out if there is a firmware update for your router and that should address the problem. Dlink have the same issue the 502T is known to have issues with the new cards, netcomm have it sorted, it seems to be routers using the broadcom chipset which are getting issues.

ashpot, Jan 8, 5:50am
Another customer said that to me when I was in Dick Smith today talking to the assistant about the problem with my D-Link DSL 2740B.
I replaced my old D-Link in March, and this latest one is useless since I,ve bought a tablet at Xmas.
The signal is always either poor or fair, and this is in the same room as the router! My neighbour's wireless comes up on the connections.
The guy in the shop said get a TP Link.
I was hoping of buying another D-Link from Dick Smith and send the other back for fault. If there is a fault then D-Link refund me.
They are like mobile phones, once you have one it's hard to be without while repaired.
Any help on router options would be appreciated.
I use on tablet, laptop and mobile phones. Furtherest bedroom is 14 metres same floor. Wouldn't mind signal on deck too which is about 10 metres away. Thanks

guest, Oct 18, 7:02am
I have a d-link 2740b and it drops out once a month... I have to go through and reset it.... looking at buying a different brand..

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