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iamkt1991, Jan 5, 10:02pm
My partner and I are trying to sell a motorbike at present and had this one lady ready to pay without looking. We, of course, have kept the classified option going until after we receive money but now have hit a major snag.

This lady sent $4100 including shipping through paypal and before we get the money, informed us we had to pay the $1100 to ship it to Malaysia.
We told her we did not have the money and as it states in the classified it is Pick Up Only.

Then last night we get an email from 'PayPal' saying:

It is important we know the status of the merchandise bought from you by a PayPal User; with Transaction ID: 5X472815E1267414M, otherwise legal action maybe taken against you since you have not e-mailed us the bank transfer information and a scanned receipt of the Wire Transfer.

You are now mandated to complete to complete this transaction by sending the shipping fee to buyer's shipping agent within the next 24hrs, failure to do so would result to the involvement of the FBI for violating PayPal's instructions and users agreement in act of the 1999 Law in collaboration with the Law Enforcement Agency.

We are ensuring to make Online Transaction a safer place, therefore we need to set confidence on all our users.

Transport Company: "Asped Logistics"

Account Name: Rajkumar Sivakumar
Account Number: 11803900010511
Bank Name: RHB
Bank Branch: BATU CAVES
Swift Code : RHBBMYKL
Physical Address: 55, Jalan Ipoh, Batu caves
City : Kuala Lumpur
Zip Code : 68100
Country : Malaysia

We request for the Bank transfer information to prove the transfer has been made within the next 24hrs and we will fund the money into your account or you will face the consequences of LEGAL ACTION.

This is done for the protection of both the seller and buyer from the ongoing internet fraud activities.

Thanks for using PayPal Online Payment !.

A. Williams,
PayPal Team

There are numerous mistakes through the email, including the tag number being different and I just want to be 100% sure that this is a scam! Do PayPal actually take legal action after one day!

Many thanks for your help :)

firemansgirl, Jan 5, 10:10pm
It is a scam! Paypal never operate like this. I used Paypal for literally hundreds of transactions while living in the UK. Do NOT send or even offer to send the $1100 as that is the last you will see of it. The person in Malaysia will recall their 'payment' and you will be left out of pocket. If you were to dryaw to draw down the money they have paid you wil find it either doesn't exist, or there is a supposed standdown before you can have clear access, which they will try to tell you is after the shipping fee ($1100) is paid by you. Contact Paypal.

little_egypt, Jan 5, 10:10pm
"This lady sent $4100 including shipping through paypal "

How do you know this! because "paypal" sent you an email!

l43a2, Jan 5, 10:11pm
lol scam

firemansgirl, Jan 5, 10:11pm
And hey don't feel bad. these people are VERY clever, they make a bloody fortune off unsuspecting people.

kgbatussr, Jan 5, 10:13pm

squeaking, Jan 5, 10:17pm
F. B. I ! LMAO you will recieve another e mail saying th MARINES have just landed lol!

iamkt1991, Jan 5, 10:47pm
We did receive $4100 through PayPal as my partner set an account up to complete the trade. We did not realize we would be reimbursed the money and explained that to the lady who said we would have to find our own means of getting the money. After that we told her we would not be able to continue and notified her of our classified where it says clearly Pick Up Only. The only reason we tried to continue with the trade was because we thought that PayPal was like Internet Banking. Obviously we know better now.

Thank you to all who have responded. You have set my mind at ease :)

doggitt, Jan 5, 10:51pm
You probably set up an paypal account via a link in their email!

Probably not actually a paypal account.

Check the website address. The scammers might have your credit card details now.

iamkt1991, Jan 5, 11:08pm
We actually set up a PayPal account. Checking now. Thanks

doggitt, Jan 5, 11:11pm
Another way they get you is by using a stolen credit card to pay to your paypal account, which is later reversed.

The basics.
They pay for your car and include extra for shipping.
The "shipping agent" contacts you and asks for payment via western union.
You pay the money then find out that your paypal payment is fraudulent one way or the other and that you have not been paid at all.
Then you find out that the shipping money you have sent via western union can not be refunded to you at all as that's not how western union works.

newbie5, Jan 6, 12:03am
They have deposited payment of $4100 including shipping so why do they require $100 for shipping.
forward the sale details plus their emails and any you have got from so called paypal to Paypal them selves not a link supplied

drcspy, Jan 6, 12:08am
FARK how can you be so blissfully ignorant of this well known scam.No REAL money has been paid into ANY accounts it's all the whole thing to the cops (not that they can do much) but at least you'll cover your Ass and DONT' withdraw ANY money which appears to have been paid by the other party.or else you'll find out that really they paid with a rubber cheque and YOU will be liable to pay the money back

ctnz, Jan 6, 12:13am
but they offered to throw in a Bridge in NY if I completed the transaction within 24 hours.

little_egypt, Jan 6, 12:27am
Obviously you need to learn a bit more about how paypal works; You might start here.

Even when you're not being outright scammed, paypal is very buyer-focussed and will happily freeze your account for months on a whim, and even take money out of bank accounts associated with your paypal account to cover what they decide you owe them, without your authorisation. This is not a company I would ever consider doing business with.

fordcrzy, Jan 6, 1:09am
Make sure that web site you used to set up your pay pal account was not from a link that they emailed you. It is probably a fake website.

doggitt, Jan 6, 1:11am
I use them all the time and have had disputes happily sorted through them.

4tzhard, Jan 6, 1:19am
Did anyone else notice their physical address is a cave!

kgbatussr, Jan 6, 1:21am
It is link towards a cave.hopeless

kamitchell, Jan 6, 1:24am
First of all Paypal addressyou with your name not your email address.
Next if they live in Malaysia why wouldn't they pay the shipping company them selves.
Heaps of these scams around,
Sent the email you received to and let them follow it up for you.
Also when you go to Paypaltype in Don't use links in emails as you could end up anywhere.

Take note of all the other feedback above. A similar scam also happens with cheques. Cheques take 3 days to clear but could take up2 weeks or more to bounce if the bank is overseas

plumbernick, Jan 6, 1:48am
As previously stated by others. All PayPal emails will begin.

Dear (Your First Name - Your Second Name)

Any other variation and it is not legitimate.

cjdnzl, Jan 6, 3:51am
Forward the email to and ask for verification.They usually answer promptly.

3962, Jan 6, 3:52am
When I received these "so called buyers" emails, I always google the name or email address & up come all the "scams" regarding that email or name.

kamitchell, Jan 6, 9:24pm
I had a nephew get a scam like this some years ago for a laptop. Being savy as he was he led them on then told them customs needed them to send $100 to clear the item then sent an official receipt. once they paid him. never heard from them again.

wotz_it_2_ya, Jan 6, 9:30pm
I know of someone got done for $30k. They were computer noobies and too trusting. Finally they asked for help.

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