Receiving slingshot emails on new pc

regalgirl, Jan 6, 8:10am
Hi guys.Before I start, can you please phrase any replies in a simple way so that this very basic person can understand.Cheers
I bought a new desktop computer which has Windows 7.My last pc was Windows Vista.Anyway, apparently Windows 7 does not have Outlook Express on it (nor is it able to be installed so I have been told) so I cannot access my slingshot emails.I thought I was very clever and used my Hotmail account and (once again) thought that I was importing my slingshot emails into hotmail.But I am pretty sure they are not getting through.I seem to get the odd one or two but certainly not many of them, which seems really strange to me.Anyway, today from another computer I tried to send an email to my Slingshot account and I received an error message saying thatit could not be received because the inbox was full.If you can, I would be very appreciative of any help on this.Do I have to ring Slingshot and get them to sort it out!

regalgirl, Jan 6, 8:38am
I seem to have everyone stumped!.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 6, 8:43am
Get slingshot to sort it. Outlook express's replacement is Windows Live Mail which you can download from the internet.

regalgirl, Jan 6, 8:50am
Thanks pyro.Will do that.

lythande1, Jan 6, 7:10pm
So! There are loads of email programs you can download. Thunderbird for instance. Download it, set it up and view your mail. It's not anyone's problem except yours, Slingshot are not responsible for what software you use. Or not.

conjac, Jan 6, 11:10pm
go to
enter your username and password and login
you will then get all your email

conjac, Jan 6, 11:12pm
Sorry that should be

drcspy, Jan 6, 11:31pm
windows live mail
Ms Outlook

god knows how many email programs there are you can install.take ya pick

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