Cant connect to wireless printer

kakakaren, Jan 7, 4:10am
I have put in the RTA number and my wpa password and the printer says its is connected but it still doesnt print what have I done wrong or is there something else I should do.

drcspy, Jan 7, 4:14am
RTA number !you got the printer installed on the computer !

cassandra13, Jan 7, 6:32am
have you a firewall enabled through avg or other anti virus sometimes they block it.

kakakaren, Jan 8, 4:02am
I have done a wireless network test report and it says no problems found. I still cant print anything i have disabled some firewalls but it makes no differents any other suggestions please.

spyware, Jan 8, 4:07am
identify the IP address assigned to printer via DHCP server in router/access point. Can you ping this IP address!. Is printer driver pointing to the correct IP address (port tab/TCPIP port)!

kakakaren, Jan 8, 5:07am
Thankyou spyware, how do I do this, sorry but i am just a learner,Im not sure how to identify the IP address assigned to the computer.

asmawa1, Jan 8, 5:18am
And the control panel default printer setting is !

kakakaren, Jan 8, 5:20am
How do I get the default printer setting please - where do i look!

asmawa1, Jan 8, 5:22am
Start/Control Panel/Printers/Select default printer

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 8, 5:31am
You install the software that came with the printer I take it!

kakakaren, Jan 8, 5:33am
It says error offline

asmawa1, Jan 8, 5:36am
Post # 10 might be the answer then.

kakakaren, Jan 8, 5:36am
I have down loaded the software off the net the hp office jet 6500 series.

asmawa1, Jan 8, 5:38am
And installed it!

kakakaren, Jan 8, 5:41am
I think so how do i no if it is installed sorry not up with all this thankyou so much for your help

kakakaren, Jan 8, 5:47am
It says HP wireless assistance in the control panel does that mean its installed

asmawa1, Jan 8, 5:48am
Two things come to mind - did you download the correct version for your printer and if so did you install the printer. Suggest you delete the printer in control panel/ printers etc and then click on 'add a printer' Follow the prompts and see if the auto detect for a driver loads from your download.

jacques, Jan 8, 9:13am
check that the printer queue is not paused. Open a document > print then if nothing happens open the printer icon in the task bar to see if "Paused" is ticked - if so then untick.

kakakaren, Jan 8, 6:54pm
Thankyou everyone for your help, a special thanks to asmawa1 I deleted the printer in the control panel and did as you said and now its all go Im so excited now I have my wireless printer up and running.

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