Server Ram in a non server PC

I have been told you can use server Ram in a non server PC as long as all the Ram sticks are server Ram. Does any one know if this is correct.

geek_adndad, Jan 9, 6:11 pm

Depends on what you mean by 'server RAM'

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 9, 6:36 pm

ECC I presume!

geek_charles.j, Jan 9, 6:39 pm

If the Ram is ECC and the MB supports it = Yes. Otherwise most MB's (non Server) won't run ECC

geek_sandy_1974, Jan 9, 6:39 pm

If your mobo supports it then the ram it will run a little slower as the ECC is an error checking process. Yes, all sticks need to be ECC and you cant mix non-ECC with them.

geek_ropes2, Jan 9, 10:16 pm