john.s, Jan 9, 7:51pm
Can this be connected wirelessly to a winxp/win7 network like a laptop!

drcspy, Jan 9, 7:59pm
assuming it has a wirless lan card - yes

john.s, Jan 9, 8:50pm
Only wi-fi and bluetooth. I take it I will have to purchase a usb lan dongle but how does the android software interface with the standard microsoft tcp/ip protocol!

gordy71, Jan 9, 9:12pm
If it has wi-fi installed, as you state, then you don't need a dongle.
Wi-Fi is your wireless connection.

r.g.nixon, Jan 9, 9:38pm
Of course you can. It will be using TCP/IP as does everything these days.

reeveopd, Jan 9, 9:45pm
If you wish to file share on that network you would need to install the appropriate software (samba client) form the Android Market.

drcspy, Jan 9, 9:49pm
DOH ! Rofl.hell yes you can I can do anything on my windows network with my android phone that I can do with a computer (thanks to some very clever app writers)

john.s, Jan 9, 10:41pm
Hey thanks! just loaded "samba" on motodefy phone.Brilliant!
Will try on acer iconia soon :)

john.s, Jan 10, 12:13am
Now have to find how to root new acer iconia to install Samba to it.

vtecintegra, Jan 10, 12:18am
What are you trying to achieve!

If its just accessing Windows shares from the tablet you could use an app like Estrongs file explorer (! ) - just be aware its a phone app so it won't look quite right on a tablet.

john.s, Jan 10, 3:21am
the new iconia is running 3.0.1, and I see the latest update is 3.2. In order to upgrage it looks like I need to root it

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