Printer gurus, please?!

mazzy1, Jan 10, 8:52am
I have a new computer and have been setting up my printer. it seems the printer is happy to print or copy, but when I try to get it to scan it just hangs then cancels. any idea why this would be, or how I can fix it! Bloody annoying!

mazzy1, Jan 10, 8:52am
OS is Windows 7, Hp 320 Touchscreen comp and Brother printer.

next-to-normal, Jan 10, 8:56am
it needs to find the twain driver,try another softeware for scaning it may pick it up, or start again reinstalling your software

shane.64, Jan 10, 9:18am
Look up your printer and down load the scaner driver It can be differant to the printer driver

chnman, Jan 10, 9:46am
What is model number of Brother printer!

newbie5, Jan 10, 9:48am
try uninstalling then reinstall with the disc

mazzy1, Jan 10, 10:01am
Thanks everyone - I'll do some detective work in the morning. Night all!

mazzy1, Jan 10, 8:39pm
It's a DCP-195C

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