Just wanting the base only, if anyone has one lying around. You can find me on Facebook: "HAMILTON/WAIKATO Computers/BUY N SELL" ask to join & leave a post.Cheers

geek_amwade, Jan 10, 10:32 pm

Compaq Persario C700-C792TU:
LCD cable with Webcam.

You can find me on Facebook:
"HAMILTON/WAIKATO Computers/BUY N SELL" ask to join or leave a post. Cheers

geek_amwade, Jan 11, 1:58 pm

Wanted - someone who can read and understand the rules about not posting stuff like this on the TM message board.

geek_morticia, Jan 11, 2:02 pm

Blah Blah Blah.

geek_amwade, Jan 11, 2:05 pm

you didn't notice trademe doens't have a wanted section !
you thought you might use the messageboard for that purpose !
what do you think this MB would turn into VERY FAST if everyone did that !
doh !


geek_drcspy, Jan 11, 2:11 pm

Blah Blah Blah

geek_amwade, Jan 11, 2:29 pm

OOPs! your mesage board previlages have been revoked

geek_intrade, Jan 11, 2:32 pm

Very soon, no doubt.

geek_scotthurst01, Jan 11, 2:35 pm

But we know what the response will be.

_ L _ H_ L _ H_L_H

geek_charles.j, Jan 11, 2:49 pm

Ha Ha Ha!

geek_amwade, Jan 11, 2:53 pm

amwade, you must consider the implications of your post, I too have a group on the old booky, but I sure as hell wouldn't break the rules on TM like you are.

geek_kgbatussr, Jan 11, 3:04 pm

As above, they can also "leave a post here" if someone has the items im looking for then they can let myself know what the auction numbers will be. Yes i will get a warning & TM will remove the Facebook link, or maybe the whole post.

geek_amwade, Jan 11, 3:15 pm