Remote access to another PC

jhwjhw, Jan 11, 6:42pm
Hi there
ive been asked by a friend 700km away to look at a few issues on his XP PC.Is there any freebee software out there that will allow me to do this!


drcspy, Jan 11, 6:44pm
ammyadmin works well is free and simple to operate

directorylist, Jan 11, 7:06pm
I've found teamviewer to be pretty good.

reeveopd, Jan 11, 7:29pm
remote desktop .

lynduh, Jan 11, 8:30pm

tool_shop173, Jan 11, 8:38pm
I find remote desktop connection pretty good too

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 11, 8:47pm
Yep, that's what I use.

johnf_456, Jan 11, 11:47pm

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