Apple TV 2nd Generation connecting to a VGA TV

yerwhat, Jan 12, 6:00am
I have an issue connecting my apple tv to my plasma tv which has component and vga but no hdmi.
I have tried using a converter which I got locally. It worked but the images were a bit dark.
It worked perfectly on my other tv which is hdmi.
Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers Ross

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 12, 6:06am
I don't know if that would work very well. I think there needs to be an HDCP link between the Apple TV and the screen if you want to watch movies etc on it.

henry284, Jan 14, 3:20am
ALL APPLE USERS! If you even bothered to look it up, you'd know that microsoft was around before the 'mac', microsoft helped build it you tool. Gates also had the first tablet but it was far too expensive to market, Jobs solved that issue by having them made in china where most of the employees actually commit suicide because they develop RSI and can't make enough to look after their own family, how does that feel! that Steve Jobs is essentially responsible for (on average) 2 suicides a week!
I laughed so hard when he called Bill Gates "unimaginative," "fundamentally odd" and "weirdly flawed as a human being."
Check your facts before you stat rambling on about shit you know nothing about. Google exists purely for people like you

mattnzw, Jan 14, 3:24am
Does the tv have a DVI plug! Sounds like your TV maybe too old. You may want to get a new one with HDMI if the apple tv doesn't have any other way to ouput the signal. . Does the apple tv do full 1080P HD anyway, I thought it did only 720P
Apple could be introducing a tv with apple tv built in in the future so that could be something to lookout for.

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 3:27am
Thats just a rumour and has been around for many years now.

The current Apple TV is 720p as as the content you can purchase for it. Blueray is the only practical way to get a proper high bitrate 1080p video right now.

reeveopd, Jan 14, 3:31am
Yup, I don't wast my time on downloading 720p content (paid or otherwise) just subscribe to Fatso and get blu-ray movies. May have to wait a little longer than the "pirates" but oh well.

neil51, Jan 14, 4:26am
Yeah, check YOUR facts Apple troll.

mattnzw, Jan 14, 5:50am
Or freeview, and recording it on a tivo, and then playing through a media player extender or some type. Probably quite compressed, but not as bad as download HD.

mattnzw, Jan 14, 5:52am
I don't think there is any doubt that something will eventually come out, and will probably be sooner than later. Especially as that is really the only NEW product at the moment that apple could release that people are demanding. An easy to use all on one media TV with a easy to use (voice or guesture controlled interface) Previously the technology wasn't there, but is now with siri.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 14, 5:58am
Whats that got to do with anything!

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 8:39pm
Freeview is only 1080i and IMO looks pretty bad

little_egypt, Jan 14, 9:15pm
Apple troll is technically right;"micro-soft" wrote the basic interpreter for the Altair 8800 . and by January 1976 Gates was already complaining about software piracy.

The same Altair 8800 inspired Jobs and Woz to start building their own computer, which was first demonstrated in April 1976. And the Mac didn't even come along until 1984.

The comparison of Apple and Microsoft is bollocks though, since Microsoft are primarily a software company. If you want a proper comparison, all those Windows-running dell laptops are made in the same sort of factory as Apple's iBook. All those Windows7 phones are made from the same raw materials and assembled under the same conditions as Apples iPhone.

mattnzw, Jan 15, 4:54am
1080i is still better quality than 720p. I think tvnz used to braodcast in 720p, but recently moved to 1080i to match tv3, and there is definately an improvement. The problem is bandwidth limitations with the signals.

lustee32, Jan 15, 5:54am
and you know both people personally do you ! what a crock of shat you talk, how do you really know what has been said an done behind closed doors .you are a fool bigger than us apple fans if you believe everything that is written in the media .

nambawan_kiwi, Jan 15, 8:37am

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