Iphone 3GS internet connection

Hi can anybody help. My knowledge in these things is pretty limited! I'm looking to purchase an iphone 3GS (can't stretch to iphone 4) and realise I can get wifii for internet at home through wireless broadband. What if I am out and want to check my emails.do I need to find a wifi hotspoteach time, or is there another option! I'm looking at a 12month vodaphone plan as we already have broadband and home line with them. I'm confused and vodaphone website not much help!

geek_emma144, Jan 13, 8:12 pm

Not much knowledge myself however I have just signed up to vodafone that includes a dataplan. I get emails through without being in a wifi spot. Think it comes through mobile broadband.

geek_thesmiths9, Jan 13, 8:21 pm

You need a data component to the plan - it should be listed for each one

geek_vtecintegra, Jan 13, 8:22 pm

Use Wifi hotspots for free net, i.e. McDees/Library etc.

And your Plan will include Data, which is for internet when you're out and about.

geek_rz_zone, Jan 13, 8:26 pm