What is the best medium priced Printer?

kattagee, Jan 15, 3:49am
This hp, 5 years old, has always been neurotic.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 15, 4:20am
Need more details, ie how many pages would you do in a month, black and white only! Scanner copier too!

kattagee, Jan 15, 4:56am
I guess we would do about 30-50 pagesmonth.We like colour too for some stuff

mattnzw, Jan 15, 5:13am
The cheap ones you often have to pay more for the cartridges and they don't last as long. I would go for an upper range printer, that has the lower printing costs. There isn't a huge difference these days when it comes to print quality for domestic printers.

mattnzw, Jan 15, 5:19am
PS. If doing lots of black and white printing get a laser as well. Only uise the inkjet for colour.They are cheap and the toners last for ages, and can usually get refills.

nzmu, Jan 15, 5:44am
Friends have the HP6500 - it's a bit big, but it's wireless, fax, copy scan, prints double sided and the black ink is about $50 (prints over 1000 pages) A brother laser toner is about $80 for 1000 pages - (b&w). Document printing is very crisp - I was impressed lol.

lythande1, Jan 15, 5:47am
HP cartridges lie about their emptiness.

bryshaw, Jan 15, 8:40am
I keep using until they start to fade. The greedy buggers make 10,000% profit on each cartridge as it is.

mattnzw, Jan 15, 8:42am
I woudn't buy a brother laser, I've had trouble with them before with drivers for newer OS's. HP or Canan lasers are good, and refillable, plus you can get far more than just 1000 pages out of them. More like 2500 pages I have found, although depends on the coverage.

mattnzw, Jan 15, 8:43am
At least.

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