Printer Problem

b.chapman, Jan 17, 1:38am
Laptop - HP710 printer - all emails and attachments (pictures and PDFs) have a purple cast, original documents generated by Word are OK.
Desktop - HP710 - all OK using same printer cable
Laptop - HP6500 - all OK but have to use USB cable
OS is Win XP SP3
Mail is Thunderbird
Word is Office 2003 SP3

What could be causing the purple cast on the original set-up!

r.g.nixon, Jan 17, 2:01am
Same operating system on both! Same printer driver!

b.chapman, Jan 17, 6:44am
OS is Win XP SP3 in all cases. HP710 driver is inherent in Win XP but HP 6500 needed driver from CD.No cartridge change.It just happened.I suspected Thundebird but I have made no changes for ages.The purple cast only happens with the laptop/HP710/Thundebird combination.

r.g.nixon, Jan 17, 7:08am
You may have to search/ask on a Thunderbird forum.

gyrogearloose, Jan 17, 7:54am
Is one printing in colour, and the other in black and white! Make sure you check the colour option in the print dialogue options.

b.chapman, Jan 17, 10:14pm
I have made no system or any other changes - it just is not a true colour printing, or greyscale, or b&w as I leave the printer settings on colour.I have not touched T'bird settings.The purple cast only happens with the laptop/HP710/Thundebird combination.

b.chapman, Jan 18, 6:14am
Just tried a new Centronics cable with no improvements.

Any recommendations for a new low end ink jet printer ie not photo quality

b.chapman, Jan 19, 6:55am
And reinstalled the printer driver.

b.chapman, Jan 20, 6:53am
Thanks everyone - I've turned off the colour.It's now a bw printer

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