Registry Errors

iky1, Jan 17, 4:35am
Can anyone tell me what these are, and do i need to do anything. Thankyou.

r.g.nixon, Jan 17, 4:49am
They are settings for hardware and software. You may or may not have to do anything. Most of them cause no real problem - e.g. a program name and filetype which may no longer be on the system.

drcspy, Jan 17, 5:06am
is something telling you you may have registry errors ! or what !

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 17, 5:08am
Bet it is. Malware City!

drcspy, Jan 17, 5:09am
or some stupid webpage advt or popup

lythande1, Jan 17, 5:34am
Malware most likely.

iky1, Jan 17, 7:45am
I had googled how to delete temporary files on vista, and it appeared on that. I did a free scan which said i had 548 registry errors.

pheonix, Jan 17, 7:56am
Scam. That is to scare you into buying their program. Do yourself a favour and download the free Ccleaner from Piriform. Safely cleans up old disused files and keys left behind in the registry from removed or updated programs.
Choose the Slim version as you don't have to worry about unticking the "install toolbar" part of the install.

mark.52, Jan 17, 8:50am
Agree with this.
When you get to the actual registry cleaning (rather quaintly labelled as "issues" in the Ccleaner interface) make a point to note where the backup will be kept. The backup can be then used in case of problems afterward, to put things back to how they were.

chnman, Jan 17, 9:15am
Registry cleaners can be dangerous. A user who knows little about the registry will run the registry cleaner "brand A" and it might report hundreds of "errors", so they blindly "fix all". Then if they ran another reg cleaner "brand B", it might still find more, etc. Even if each run backs up the items before removing, how will you know what to restore later if a problem arises and you "think" it may have been the reg cleaners!

Unless you can look at the "errors" and know enough to safely remove, I would leave these cleaners alone. Even in CCleaner the last time I used it the option to check for issues in registry is not selected by default.

pheonix, Jan 17, 9:19am
Good grief. there goes the voice of inexperience.
Ccleaner has been around years and is used and recommended by knowledgeable techs and cowboys. Really safe for clients as well.
There is no checkbox in Ccleaner for registry clean , it is a separate button (issues) , just like the cleaner button above it.

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