Hewlett - packard printer

woodsy2, Jan 17, 5:36am
I have a Deskjet j519A printer. The yellow colour prints when it should be red. Anyone know what is wrong!

henry284, Jan 17, 5:37am
the yellow is where the red should be in ink box.

woodsy2, Jan 17, 5:39am
The colours are all in one cartridge.

kevin16, Jan 17, 5:39am
does it print red where yellow should be!

henry284, Jan 17, 5:40am
did you get it re filled! software issue. bad connection on cartridge

kevin16, Jan 17, 5:41am
or the magenta is mt,.

henry284, Jan 17, 5:44am
The refiller fucked it up

woodsy2, Jan 17, 7:18am
It is a new colour cartidge, not a refill.

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