Good USB 802.11n adapter

richms, Jan 17, 9:10pm
150 meg isnt really N, its a violation of the specs to only put a single reciever into a computer, only things like printers and other low speed devices are supposed to only do 150.

Also it has a single tiny crap antenna in it with almost no gain, whereas the laptop will have 2 or 3 antennas up on the back of the screen so higher and away from the bulk of the computer which will shield it. You may be able to upgrade the wireless card in the laptop, depending on what the bios does to lock out other vendors cards.

drcspy, Jan 18, 2:51am
usb runs at a theoretical 480Mb/s so that wont be slowing you down at all
assuming you DO actually have a N router .what's the system reported speed of transfer between the laptop and router and the usb adaptor and router !

robotnik, Jan 18, 11:37pm
It is an N router. Laptop reports connection speed on 54Mbps and with the USB it reports 65Mbps when close to the router - 65Mbps isn't that much faster, but it is definitely N speed. Anyway, I have decided to buy a decent USB N adapter. Thanks all for your help.

vtecintegra, Jan 18, 11:41pm
The built in wireless is almost always going to be better in the real world (even at G speeds) because there is much more room for a decent aerial in the lid of the laptop than there is in a small USB stick.

johnf_456, Jan 19, 1:53am

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