External hard drive advice

sazrim, Jan 17, 7:56am
Can I leave my external harddrive plugged into the computer all the time or is this not advisable! Its the first time I have used it for an extended amount of time today and it felt quite hot after a while.

henry284, Jan 17, 7:57am
It should be fine, HDDs do get hot but that is normal

r.g.nixon, Jan 17, 7:58am
Should be fine, but I've heard that some get hot - poor/unventilated enclosure!

lonfa, Jan 17, 10:10am
Hi sazrim, I have a fair bit to do with 'Problem' external h/drives and the ones I'm mostly RMAing for repair are the cheaper non ventilated models of well known brands, If you have a drive with little or no ventilation holes- Run it only as you need it, then unplug it. If it does start acting up (not reading or the drive not being 'seen' by the computer) put it in the freeze for 1/2 an hour then get your data off while you can.
All these drives are covered by warranty and are replaced by manufacturer on claim.
best solution= Spend a little more on a better ventilated model.

Maybe too much info but Saves a lot of time and lost data/movies/photos. I can RMA drives, The data's gone.


mrfxit, Jan 18, 4:04am
Bearing in mind whats just been said (which is true enough) the latest 2.5" ext hdd's(last couple of years) shouldn't be getting hot anyway, unless they are being worked hard.

THo .ppl DO tend to cover them with all sorts of junk & leave in direct sunlight (AND on a window sill sometimes) plus they are easy to bump.

holdenss, Jan 18, 4:07am
I have a 2Tb and a 3Tb plugged in 24/7 running all the time for the past 1.5 years, no problems whatsoever. (touch wood)

tonyrockyhorror, Jan 18, 4:18am
Yeah, I have a 500GB in a non-ventilated eSATA case that hasn't been turned off for a number of years.

lonfa, Jan 19, 12:32am
Just to clarify,It's the larger 3.5 inch drives I'm RMAing and not the smaller 2.5 inch drives which seem OK.
I don't deal with 'no-name' brands-they have to be proven, Not worth the risk to any business.

Brands include Western digital.!, 'Old' Maxtor's, Some seagates, in their cheaper models. Forewarned saves money.
Not problems at all with better ventilated models which cost a little more.

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