Adobe Abbreviations

darrelweavers, Jan 20, 9:31pm
Can anyone please enlighten me on the meanings of all the abbreviations on cd case Listing #: 441062181.
I have searched adobe and asked the seller but without much success.
I dont want to buy something that would turn out to be of no use to me.
Abbreviations are as follows

r.g.nixon, Jan 20, 9:43pm
Photoshop 9.0, Windows, Retail, !.!

gyrogearloose, Jan 20, 10:01pm
NACT = Network Activation.

You'll require an internet connection during registration so that it can contact Adobe's servers to check that the license key hasn't been previously activated.

gyrogearloose, Jan 20, 11:15pm
WWE = Worldwide Edition

darrelweavers, Jan 20, 11:17pm
thank you all for the answers, much appreciated

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