Speaker problems

witchway-inn, Jan 21, 12:35am
I bought some logitech Z506 5.1 speakers to play my music on (through laptop). They are the crappiest sound I've ever heard, despite me having researched and finding gazillions of great reviews about them. My son has these and they are great, but he is running them from a desktop (which enables him to use the two cords that I cant)

I'd love any suggestions on how to fix this problem please. I cant find any settings on my computer, not even any kind of graphic equalizer to be able to turn the vocals up a bit more. Everyone is commenting on how bad they sound :( Help please.

r.g.nixon, Jan 21, 12:39am
Could be the cheap chipset in the laptop causing it. But if you are lucky, you might be able for find an updated driver with extra functions. Actually, many music players have graphics equalisers in them.

witchway-inn, Jan 21, 12:41am
Thanks, how do I find out what it is!

kane199, Jan 21, 12:44am
guessing your laptop is only 2 channel driving 5.1 but even then the speakers from memory upmix anyway (or have a splitter cable!); Do you have an Mp3 player or some sort of device you can plug into the speakers to test and eliminate the laptop as the problem! Sounds only as good as the source

drcspy, Jan 21, 12:52am
just to check - plug em into the sons desktop to test !

witchway-inn, Jan 21, 12:56am
Kane, not sure what you mean about splitter cable, they came with stereo plugs green and orange, Im guessing to plug into a desktop, but mine has a separate plug going into laptop. I do have an mp3 player but its charging at the mo, so will try this as soon as its got enough charge.

witchway-inn, Jan 21, 12:59am
Will try that too. Hubby just complaining that the music is louder than the vocals. I remember this happening on my last speakers once, but was able to alter it in the equalizer. From memory I was on a desktop tho :(

gyrogearloose, Jan 21, 1:13am
What colour socket have you plugged the orange cable into!

witchway-inn, Jan 21, 1:32am
Duh, sorry, was looking at the wrong cables sitting on my desk. Theyre actually yellow and black.

I'm not using either (they are apparently for a desktop/stereo/whatever as there is 2 plugs).
The plug for the laptop is green on each end and plugs into 'audio out'.

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