Printer wont print form lap top it use to

nicken, Jan 21, 9:23pm
ive have unplugged and plugged my friends printer into my laptop and now it wont recognize hers and she cant print.What have i done.I only know a bit aboutcomputer but i do know you have to bring up the right printer name on the computer.Hers is a Vista and mine is window 7.Thanks

gyrogearloose, Jan 21, 9:27pm
If it's plugged into yours, then no wonder she can't print. Plug it back into hers, and ask her to select that printer when she prints, or as the default printer.

nicken, Jan 21, 9:28pm
lol yes we have done all that.

drcspy, Jan 21, 9:40pm
so what if any error comes up on her pc when you try to print !

nicken, Jan 21, 9:44pm
no nothing just wont do anything.You get sick of waiting as its Vesta and just give up

drcspy, Jan 21, 10:09pm
vesta !

check printer properties that it hasn't changed its settings somehow and is trying ot use the wrong port

nicken, Jan 21, 10:17pm
sorry Vista,thanks

drcspy, Jan 21, 10:39pm
well did you check the settings !

drcspy, Jan 21, 10:42pm
you could alwys re-install the printer !

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