toniwarrell, Jan 21, 11:03pm
Spam - some of it??

toniwarrell, Jan 21, 11:05pm
Oh, I should mention that yes my computer has an antivirus - it's the latest version of NOD.

little_egypt, Jan 22, 12:57am
1) It's absurdly easy to send email from a fake address; just go into your mail program settings and in the bit where it says "email address" change it to whatever you want it to be. Then any mail you send will appear to be from that address. You won't get any replies and people who know where to look can tell it's fake and possibly figure out who you really are, but it's good enough for fooling your friends.

2) Spammers don't know anything about you, they just guess likely subjects like "Your package cannot be delivered" or "A question on your auction" or "re: job" in the hopes that you will be fooled into opening it because some percentage of people will be expecting a package, or running an auction somewhere, or applying for jobs.

toniwarrell, Jan 22, 6:28am
Thanks little egypt!
Am I to take it then that the spammers who used my own email address were actually people I know! It's not one that would be easily guessed. Would it be possible for me to work out where it came from!

wombatunder, Jan 22, 8:51am
If your email client enables you to display verbose headers, you can track back through all the servers the email passed through.You will likely end up at some server in India, China, Brazil or Russia.Even then, you won't be able to trace *who*, since spammers usually use "grey servers" or broadcast spam through compromised hosts.Basically, just growl in annoyance and delete it.

toniwarrell, Jan 22, 8:23pm
Thanks so much wombatunder - It's just something I've been wondering about for a while!

toniwarrell, Jan 22, 8:27pm
While I have the attention of all you knowledgable folk on here - another thing happenned to me a year or so back, which also kind of freaked me out and which I've been wondering about ever since.
One day I was looking up old school friends from years ago to see if I could find some contact details etc. I'd probably looked up about three different people but of course searched the same names several times over. Suddenly a pop up appeared on the screen saying something to the effect of "nosey little thing aren't we!". Yikes what was that!

darkoverlord018, Oct 14, 3:09am
3 words wat the fak

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